Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra email collaboration has more than 400 million trusted users worldwide. It is the leading open source enterprise email solution and the most preferred alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Zimbra Includes email, contacts, calendar, documents and more. It is a Web-based application suite that can be deployed as an on-premise private cloud or outsourced public cloud service.

It is compatible with desktop email clients, such as Windows Outlook, and is compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux computers. It also performs over-the-air sync to mobile device operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Secure Communication for Business
Stayed connected with your business-class email in a secure environment with dedicated file sharing, tasks, and shared calendaring features. Zimbra collaboration solution ensures protected communication with higher security standards and transparency of an open source platform.
Excellent Collaboration Tools:
Increase your productivity with a comprehensive set of collaboration tools and having complete control over company’s privacy and security.
Easy Collaboration from Any Device, Any Location:
Zimbra enterprise email solution offers ease of access from anywhere, across multiple devices including smartphones and tablets, and both online as well as offline.
Open Source Offers Extended Collaboration:
Extend collaboration further than an email with Zimlets and APIs to connect to other applications like Salesforce. Increase security through third-party integration with Zimbra Collaboration’s open framework.
No Downtime
Maximize benefits of carrier-grade collaboration with Zimbra collaboration solutions. It is the only platform with plenty of choices for larger telecommunications companies and ISPs worldwide. Performance and speed guaranteed.
Deployment Flexibility:
Deploy Zimbra enterprise email solution through any of our trusted service providers or on-premise.
Save on TCO:
With Zimbra, you can save at least 50% than Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange. Save on hardware, operations, and licensing. Get best savings on cloud based and on-premise Zimbra collaboration.